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[16.09.2011] A Free But Powerful UML Modeling Tool

Hey guys, today I come up with an issue about UML Modeling.

As you already known, Rational Rose – a famous product of IBM- is the most popular, powerful and widely used tool to generate UML diagrams. Rational Rose is professional, of course, but it is quite expensive. Hence, the only one reason that every people has to take into account when intending to use is it is not a free tool. The comfortable and the cost have to be assessed and compared very carefully, especially in business market.

I have tried some free UML Modeling tools (e.x. ArgoUML, StartUML, DynamicDraw, UMLet), but none of them made me enjoy using it. But it is not the case of Rational Modeler, a free UML Modeling tool also provided by IBM. Be sure that this one is not as powerful as Rational Rose, but I think Rational Modeler can fulfill your needs ( I am not talking about people who have to use specific features of Rational Rose (e.x. code generation) which are surely not provided in this free version).

Here, let’s check some main features of Rational Modeler (source from IBM):

  • Boosting productivity and shortening design cycles with visual design environment
  • Assisting in documenting design with push button documentation
  • Managing design complexity challenges within a standardized UML 2.1 environment
  • Communicating design intent through a common graphical language
  • Offering a model-aware design environment that provides diagrams to form a unified model, guiding and enabling the creation of complete and correct applications
  • Featuring a customizable design environment that allows users to target their domain using domain specific terminology and notations
  • Providing an easily accessed knowledge base and user forums to all users via the Web
  • Providing team collaboration and customer support with upgrade to corporate edition with integration with configuration management tools such as Rational Clearcase and Rational Synergy
  • Migration is easily with an upgrade to the IBM® Rational® Rhapsody® model-driven development environment, so you can get obtain simulation, complete application code generation, and collaborative design benefits

You can download IBM UML Modeler from here.

You can have a look of numbers of categorized UML tools here.

Hope this helps.


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