Here are some of my publications:

  • Energy-Efficiency Protocol for Securing the Wireless Sensor Networks”, Luu Hoang Long, Eunmi Choi, 9th IFIP International Conference, NPC 2012, Gwangju, Korea, September 6-8, 2012, pp 589-598.
  • Model Based Development Framework for Sensor Development in Wireless Sensor Network Applications”, Luu Hoang Long, Eunmi Choi, GESTS International Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering, Vol.51, Issue 1, Dec 2008, ISBN 1738-6438, pp 31-42.
  • Data Structures for Storing File Namespace in Distributed File System”, Luu Hoang Long, Eunmi Choi, SangBum Kim, Pilsung Kim,  NCM (NCM 2008) Published by IEEE, pp. 250-255, Sep 2008, Gyeongju, Rep. of Korea.
  • Performance Influence of a Cache Mechanism on a Large-Scale Search System”, Hikmat Abdoollayev, Luu Hoang Long, Eunmi Choi, Dugki Min,  ITPA (ITPA 2008) Published by IEEE, 2008, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
  • SoFA: A Distributed File System for Search-Oriented Systems”, Eunmi Choi, Tran Doan Thanh, Bipin Upadhyaya, Fahriddin Azimov, Luu Hoang Long, Truong Phuong, SangBum Kim, Pilsung Kim, Journal of Simulation, Vol.17, Issue 4, Dec 2008, ISBN 1225-5904 , pp 229-239.
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