[13.07.2011] Use your laptop as an wireless router ….

It’s been days since the last time I visited this blog.

So what did I do?

I have spent an exciting trip to DaNang. This famous province is located in the middle of Vietnam. This place is very famous in tourist because it has lots of mountain, a long-beautiful-clean coast, etc. Actually, DaNang is the hometown of my parents.

May be you guys are wondering: what is the relationship between an exciting trip and using laptop as an wireless router?

Everything has its own cause. I have an Ipod4, and of course it needs WiFi to connect to the internet. But some places in DaNang, its really difficult to reach to the WiFi for the usage of my Ipod4.

After asking my well-known teacher, Google, I found the solution. It calls “Using laptop as an wireless router”. Its quite easy, I think. Just follow some steps and you can enjoy connecting to the world through your wireless-needed device.

Here is the steps (for Win XP only cause I am using one with XP):

1. Go to Network Connections, right click on Wireless Network Connections and choose Properties.

2. On the Properties window of Wireless Network Connections, choose Wireless Networks tag. Click Advance button and check on “Computer-to-computer (Adhoc)” and close.

3. Also on the Properties window of Wireless Network Connections, click Add button and a new window pop-up. Input a name for your wireless network. Then, uncheck on “The key provide for me automatic” to set your own password for this adhoc network.

Next, set the value for “Network authentication” is Open and WEP for “Data Encryption”. Finally, input the password (5 or 13 characters) twice before click OK button to finish this step.

4. Go to Network Connection again, right click on Local Area Connection and choose Properties.

In Advance tag, check on “Allow other networks users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” and click OK.

5. Browse for the wireless network through your device. Choose the just created wireless network, input the password and enjoy.

It’s quite easy, right?

Hope this helps and enjoy it.


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