[16.02.2011] Windows Login Password Recovery/Reset

Last month (Jan 2011), I came back to Vietnam to spend Lunar New Year vacation with my family. Before leaving Korea, I carefully set up a new-long-unguessable password for my personal laptop account (cause I did not take it with me to Vietnam).
After coming back, I accidentially forgot that password.
Eating to much Vietnamese traditional foods mays decrease my memory :) lols

I googled and found some ways to get my password back.
1. Think over and try to dig it from your memory. This method did not work ’cause of my bad memory.
2. Start windows normally, and press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice at login screen. Another small window appears. Type ‘Administrator” in the username area and leave the password area blank, then press OK button. They (people on the internet) said that whenever you install Windows OS, an Administrator account will be created without any password for login. If you follow this step, you can log in as an Admin and reset other users’ password then. It sounds great but it did not work in my case.
3. Try to reinstall Windows OS. This method will delete all existing data on your Windows installed partition. Maybe noone want to be in this situation, so try 4th method (below) before killing yourself like that.
4. Download a Windows Password Recovery software, burn it to a bootable CD. Boot your computer and it will recover-reset… your Windows password. I googled again and found some good-free softwares such as: OphCrack, PC Login Now, ….

In my case, I used PC Login Now ’cause it can reset longer password’s characters than others (15 characters). I downloaded an iso file of PC Longin Now. Burn it into a CD and boot my laptop. PC Login Now will run automatically and you can easily follow steps to reset your account password. After reseting the password of an user, you can log in to that user account without any password.
The GUI of PC Login Now is very familiar, just follow the clearly instructions and get your goals.

Hope this help.

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